I am an avid photographer and enjoy nothing more than being out and about taking interesting pictures. I welcome feedback, comments and questions from admirers, buyers, other photographers and artists.  As a Colorado native, I enjoy getting out, seeing and photographing the beauty of my state and all the wonderful things there are to see, but I also love to travel and will post images from all my travels where ever they may lead. I especially enjoy doing landscape photography, but also like to record wildlife, floral, and any other thing in nature that attracts my attention and lens. A big thank you to all who view, purchase and make comments on my images. You are much appreciated! Thank you. **** I will be posting and updating my images often, so please add me to your 'watch' list and check back often. ***

NOTE  If you decide to purchase an image and the size that you want to buy requires you to crop more than you would like, e-mail me and I can re-size the image for your needs so you won't lose any of the content.

Feel free to contact me at:


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